Democratic activists have never been more at risk. Tools to mobilize around democratic activity have never been more prevalent, while the vulnerability to surveillance and disinformation is overwhelming. NDI has worked hard to integrate technology into all of our programs around the world by helping activists secure their phones and devices, countering disinformation, and scoping the challenges posed by major digital transformations. We're taking advantage of the spirit of summer by getting together with friends and making new ones, all while working to make the internet a safer place for democracy.


Join the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for a series of technology briefings on Wednesdays all summer long! Each webinar will feature a conversation with one of our partners, and highlight a series of new tools, guidebooks, and resources for the democracy community on a variety of emerging and enduring technology issues.

Session Schedule

June 16, 10:00 ET

Blockchain is for Doges...and Democracy?

Blockchain has transformed global financial systems, generating ridiculous hype and widespread mockery. However, a permanent, trustworthy public record has potential for improving transparency and democratic governance, as described in a recent white paper from New America and NDI.


Chris Doten, Chief Innovation Officer, NDI

Allison Price, Senior Advisor, Digital Impact and Governance Initiative and Blockchain Trust Accelerator, New America

June 23, 10:00 ET

Digital ID: A Tool for Inclusion, or just Confusion?

Explore the current digital identity landscape and how that impacts the political participation of marginalized communities.


Sarah Moulton, Advisor for Technology Innovation, NDI

Elizabeth Sutterlin, Program Assistant, NDI

Amanda Manyame, Digital Law and Rights Consultant

June 30, 10:00 ET

Digitizing Cities

Cities want to serve their citizens online. How do they do it effectively--without undermining democracy?​


Chris Doten, Chief Innovation Officer, NDI

Jillian Gilburne, Design Strategist, Booz Allen Hamilton

July 7, 10:00 ET

Countering Disinformation for Democracy

Learn about our new Countering Disinformation Guide including sections on dealing with platforms, online election observation, legal and regulatory frameworks, and others, alongside a comprehensive database of informational interventions. We'll talk about the guide and our plans to make it a living, dynamic resource for the democracy and technology community, with an example of a powerful intervention from the global database.


Dan Arnaudo, Advisor for Information Strategies, NDI

Kaleigh Schwalbe, Senior Program Officer for Information Integrity, NDI

Guest Speaker TBA

Can the Internet Be Good for Democracy?

July 14, 12:00 ET

Globally, efforts to create an ethical Internet abound. Principles like the Paris Call, Open Internet, and those designed by NDI and our partners offer a baseline for creating the internet we want. How do we join together to create a digital world in which democracy can thrive?


Moira Whelan, Director of Democracy and Technology, NDI

Guest Speaker TBA

The Democratic Impacts of 5G

July 21, 10:00 ET

In a country sliding towards authoritarianism, 5G will make it more efficient to achieve. Given these serious potential harms to democratic norms, it is crucial that democratic actors are able to exercise an oversight role over 5G decision making and standards.



Elizabeth Sutterlin, Program Assistant, NDI

Guest Speaker TBA

July 28, 10:00 ET

Co/Act: A DIY Approach to

Human-Centered Design

Human-centered design frameworks start by identifying who a product is for and then placing them at the center of the strategy. Co/Act, NDI’s human-centered design toolkit adapts and expands this approach to design digital products, services, or campaigns through do-it-yourself style activities that are aggressively low cost, high impact, and interdisciplinary. Build your next digital product, service, or campaign with Co/Act.


Priyal Bhatt, Program Officer, NDI

Guest Speaker TBA

August 4, 12:00 ET

Keeping Organizations Safe
in a Dangerous Digital World

Democratic organizations of all stripes are facing increasingly complex cyber threats. And while global awareness of cybersecurity is increasing, there’s still a lot of work to do. That’s why we’ve developed the CyberSim Suite - a series of traditional and experiential training materials to help organizations simulate and prepare for the next cyber attack, before it’s too late.


Evan Summers, Cybersecurity Program Manager, NDI

Guest Speaker TBA

August 11, 12:00 ET

Playing the Way Forward

Serious games can educate, entertain, and motivate players to learn about important topics such as leadership development, cybersecurity, campaigns, and more.


Derek Turner, Product Manager, NDI

Guest Speaker TBA

August 18, 10:00 ET

Free Tools for Internet Freedom

Fighting for democracy and human rights today requires being online – at the same time that the internet has become more difficult and dangerous than ever. NDI will present a range of powerful open-source tools to protect internet freedom and help partners safely accomplish their goals for social change.


Madeleine Nicoloff, Program Assistant, NDI

Guest Speaker TBA

August 25, 10:00 ET

What Is a Tech-Empowered Democratic Future?

Digital authoritarians like the Chinese Communist Party share a seductive but ultimately toxic vision of a technically empowered world where censorship and surveillance provide security and the digital economy promises riches. The democracy community can not only play on the defensive– we need a bold new vision of democracy that incorporates the power and potential of digital technologies while mitigating the dangers. Can we design the future we want to see?

Speakers TBA